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One Lone Psychopath – Lee Harvey Oswald And The Darkish Facet

The 50th anniversary of arguably, one of the crucial tragic moments in US historical past:- the 22nd Nov. 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, could be very shut as I write this. A lot has been written about why Lee Harvey Oswald dedicated this notorious crime. Ever because the Warren Fee first concluded Oswald labored alone, quite a few authors and investigators have tried to hyperlink him to a Soviet plot, the CIA, the mafia and so forth. all to no avail. In actual fact the final phrase should go to the latest e-book on the topic, The Interloper:Lee Harvey Oswald Inside The Soviet Union, the place journalist Peter Savodnik says:- “There’s an amazing need to solid Kennedy’s life and demise as an excellent legendary story. It is unsatisfying that he’s introduced low by some redneck, who had issues referring to his mom.”

So, in a world first, I’m going to stipulate a ‘Life Cycles’ forensic examination of Lee Harvey Oswald:- one lone psychopath. He wished to go away his mark towards capitalism. He believed fervently in Marxism. He had defected to Russia solely to return. He had no actual moral sense and was emotionally chilly. He was a compulsive liar. He had failed in each episode in his life. He was a good marksman when within the Marines. His household historical past was dysfunctional and he had a historical past of arguments and aggression. He had lately tried and didn’t assassinate a retired Normal and outstanding anti-Communist. Briefly, this was a deadly cocktail, however it nonetheless did not imply he would kill the President.

Courtesy of in depth information of Oswald’s quick life I might be in a position give a glimpse in any respect of his ‘important years’ (ie. ages of seven,12,19 and 24:- See my earlier articles for a proof of why I time period these small variety of years as important. It’s based mostly on a 12 yr symbolic cycle, with the primary yr referred to as the ’12 months of Revolution’ ie. 12/24 and 7 years later one other yr of change referred to as the ’12 months of Damaged Pathways’ ie. 7/19). So let’s start within the interval when he was aged simply 7 (Oct.18th, 1946 to Oct.18th, 1947). His mom had lately wed Edwin Ekdahl, {an electrical} engineer some years older than her, and who handled him like considered one of his personal sons. They’d then separated and shortly re-united which had elated Lee, however it was to not final. They fought “each different day and he would depart and are available again”. Within the late summer season of 1947, his mom Marguerite suspected Ekdahl of infidelity and had the boys break into his lover’s dwelling to find him there. Divorce ensued quickly after. Oswald lived with chaos and noticed his household safety taken away in a short time. He would come to see his mom because the one accountable.

Let’s skip now to when he was aged 12 (Oct.1951 to Oct.1952). There’s one well-recorded incident in August,1952 (near the precise time of yr of the age 7 incident). This time Oswald and his mom got here to dwell briefly together with his half-brother, John Pik and his mom, of their New York condominium. Oswald grew to become upset about use of the TV set after which threatened Mrs. Pik with a pocket knife. He additionally struck his mom through the argument. Oswald and his mom had been advised to get out or be thrown out. It’s indicative of the dysfunctional mom/son relationship and his potential to behave out his aggression.

OK, now to the one most life-altering yr in Oswald’s life:- his age 19 ’12 months of Damaged Pathways’ (Oct.1958 to Oct.1959). Oswald had been within the Marines since 1956 and had been court-martialed twice for combating and for unauthorised use of a firearm. He had been demoted to non-public. He had failed when it comes to making a profession within the military. He returned to the US from Japan in Dec.1958, and from the earliest time after that, had change into decided to defect to the Soviet Union. His nickname was Oswaldskovich due to his pro-Soviet sentiments. He had his title written in Russian on considered one of his jackets. He made remarks in Russian, addressed others as ‘comrade’ and performed Russian music so loudly it could possibly be heard exterior the barracks. It is a traditional description of how the ’12 months of Damaged Pathways’ can unfold, little by little, after which you find yourself fully altered by the top of it. Did the Marines really need this man? I really feel it is a query that ought to have been requested. We’re speaking the peak of the Chilly Battle right here.

Anyway, he didn’t hold a dairy throughout this time so we are going to by no means know his innermost ideas. Nonetheless we all know he did start to inform many alternative lies, that like all the things else in his life had been largely unsuccessful, as a result of his actions had been so apparent. In March,1959 he lied to the Albert Schweitzer Faculty in Switzerland to achieve acceptance as a pupil of philosophy. He mentioned he had a long-standing curiosity in psychology and that in school he had been in a “pupil physique motion” to fight juvenile delinquency. In June he received accepted. What occurred in August? Why do I examine this? As a result of it’s precisely aligned with occasions in his age 7 and age 12 ‘important years’. So what did the information inform me?

They inform me that on August 17th he made up one other deceive the Marines, saying that his mom, who had lately turned 52, wanted assist. He wished a “dependency discharge”. So his mom options once more and this time it’s as a handy alibi. On August 28th the Dependency Discharge Board accredited his launch, as if the remainder of his habits wasn’t purpose sufficient. In Sept. he utilized for a passport with lies about his examine plans. He was about to defect to Russia simply as he turned 20.

Evidently this additionally didn’t work out. He complained that “there have been no nightclubs and bowling alleys” to spend his small quantity of wages on and got here again to the US in June 1962 together with his 19 yr outdated pregnant Russian spouse. In March, 1963 he bought a rifle by mail order and in April he tried to assassinate retired Main Normal Edwin Walker, who was an outspoken anti-communist. In Could, towards his personal occasion recommendation, he opened up a Honest Play For Cuba workplace in New Orleans, with him as the only member. He distributed leaflets, received into scuffles and made enemies. He at all times wished to be a someone, however he at all times fell quick. When he left for Mexico on the finish of Sept. and utilized to go to Cuba, he was refused by a consular official who mentioned that:- “instead of aiding the Cuban Revolution he was truly doing it hurt.” Had been tragic occasions not about to unfold, it might have made an excellent comedy film.

We at the moment are on the graduation of his remaining age 24 ’12 months of Revolution’, which lasted 5 weeks. He was by then a boiling combination of rage towards his nation and love of Marxism. He fervently believed in Cuba’s trigger. He wished again into Russia at the least for a go to. He knew the route the motorcade would take, because it was well-publicised. He knew when and he knew he had a chance to do one thing. Nonetheless, it was his choice alone to secrete himself on the sixth ground of the Guide Depository constructing, the place he labored, and use his marksman-grade capturing abilities to lethal impact. Ultimately he was one lone psychopath, with a warped need to go away his mark on historical past. He had by no means actually succeeded at something he undertook. He solely ever succeeded in a single factor:- his third shot. He fired three pictures. The primary one missed and the second wounded Kennedy and Governor Connally. The third shot hit the President within the head. He had left his mark on historical past with this one act of infamy. He was killed two days later in what I’ve come to check with as “a revolutionary demise in a revolutionary yr”, as it’s certainly not the one case.

We by no means did get to August,1964 to see how occasions may need performed out. On October 18th (his very 24th birthday) the Cuban Embassy had belatedly accredited his visa, however by then he had gone again to the US. Eleven days earlier than the assassination he wrote to the Soviet Embassy in Washington saying had he received to Cuba as deliberate, he may have gone on to Russia. Would it not had been so. His complete life was a cautionary story about not becoming into society. In desirous to convey the system down. But sadly he nonetheless managed to lie his method by life and abused the privileges of being a free citizen. Think about, if you’ll, the identical story performed out in reverse in Communist Russia.