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Psychiatrist George Ritchie Tells About His Close to-Demise Expertise

God is at work in our world. A COMMANDING VOICE tells a mom, “Put the carriage again on the sidewalk!” So she doesn’t hesitate and pulls the infant carriage again up on the sidewalk. Instantly a truck speeds across the nook and comes proper over the curb, simply lacking the mom and child and carriage. To Albert, a person praying–“God, is there no assist for me?” a MYSTERIOUS, ENCOURAGING VOICE says, “God is not finished with you but, son. God is not finished with you but.” Earlier than Albert heard this voice, he had the sensation he was being cradled, fully enfolded by the wings of a chicken. What a salvation for a person who was about to leap off the bridge.

Earlier than George Ritchie was a psychiatrist, he had a NDE [near-death experience.] His report of witnessing the behind-the-scenes workings of an unlimited angelic system may be very useful. Christ escorted him on a tour of the varied realms of existence.

First, he was proven an earthly surroundings during which residing individuals had been individually enveloped by a kind of electrical subject, which George known as an AURA. Additionally, on this surroundings he noticed “grey, colorless souls with no gentle or aura, who had been deceased individuals that could not [or wouldn’t] go away the earthly airplane. Some had been bonded to residing individuals by way of love. Others had been earthbound by addictions, compulsions and worldly attachments. These grey souls had been seen to gravitate to residing beings with comparable addictions or affinities. For instance, George noticed actual [living ] individuals getting drunk at a bar. Because the drinkers’ aura was weakened by the alcohol, holes would really open up of their electrical subject. When that occurred George may see different souls, who had been milling in regards to the bar, dashing into the defenseless physique “attempting to vicariously expertise the feeling of being drunk.”

Subsequent, he was taken to yet one more space of this earthly surroundings had been extra colorless souls gave the impression to be consumed by their very own selfishness. They appeared to have “probably the most hateful, vengeful, self-centered, know-it-all attitudes” he had ever seen. “They had been bludgeoning each other and committing every kind of lewd acts on each other.” He noticed angels there, too, attempting to supply assist and sometimes getting by way of to those self-absorbed souls. George added, “the situation of those misplaced souls appeared to just about break the guts of the Christ, who was there beside me.”

Lastly, George was proven an angelic realm. These beings emitted a “glow a lot brighter than the auras of people, although not as good as that coming from Christ Himself.” They gave the impression to be doing analysis of every kind and finding out the holy books of the universe. And the music was wonderful with musical devices we don’t even have on earth–yet.

George was carried out by way of facilities of upper studying the place he couldn’t even perceive the scientific instrumentation these beings had been utilizing. Later, throughout WWII, he noticed footage in LIFE journal of the primary atomic energy plant and realized he had seen the identical set-up ten years earlier.

George makes the astounding suggestion that concepts come into the human mind by “angelic messengers who impart unconscious strategies to receptive individuals in goals or different heightened states of consciousness.” These angels are giving out the outcomes of their analysis. Is that this why a number of inventors provide you with the identical system on the identical time, almost bumping into one another within the patent workplace?

This ebook is crammed with many examples of supernatural happenings which appear to echo the biblical document. I pray that we’ll profit from these persevering with revelations by spending time in WONDER and LOVE of the ALMIGHTY.

Many individuals worry to inform these particular and valuable occasions due to our callous reactions. However we’re listening to a flood of those spectacular ACTS OF GOD. Allow us to profit from them.